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Writer's Digest



All the following children's short stories are the inspritation of the author Melita R.T. Smith.

Her love for teaching and sharing with young people was realized at an early age when she would help her mother care for many of the neigbors children in thier Manhatten, New York apartment.  Melita aspired to give al she could to children of all ages.  Being very active in church, Melita has been a Sunday School teacher and Bible study teacher for the toddler and pre-teen classes.   A creative person at heart she has taugth drama, as well as her special brand of caring for others to her students.


Melita seems to be gifted in the care of young people.  She has been a home care provider and home schooled two of our children.  Desiring to do more she is seeking higher education at Georgia Southern University in the Child Development Early Learning Center where our 4 year old daughter attends preschool.  Melita plans to begin classes in January.

I Can Be... The Seven Clouds of Surprises No Nap

I Can Be...
My name is Shantell and  I am only 3.

When my mom reads me stories.

She tells me all the different that I can be.

PE00686_.WMF (4338 bytes)
I can be a nurse who tells why your sick.

Or even a doctor who lets your hear your heart go "tic" "tic".

HM00231_.WMF (21434 bytes)
I can be an explorer or even a pirate queen.

Who finds big big big treasures that holds lots of gold rings.

AG00059_.gif (12001 bytes)
I can be a singer or a dancer or a famous finger painter.

Who can paint fun animals like green alligator.

aligatr6.wmf (1262 bytes)
I can be a builder who helps make tall   pretty buildings or even a dentist who can put in shiny new fillings. Surveyor.wmf (9924 bytes)
I can a writer and who writes stories very well.

Or even be an artist who draws the all the pictures that the stories tell.

womnpncl.wmf (5714 bytes)
I can make movies or be on a tv show.

Or even an astronaut and get in my rocket and go.

Rocket1.wmf (5298 bytes)
Yes my name is Shantell and I'm only three.  And I can be anything that I want to be. PE00686_.WMF (4338 bytes)



The Seven Clouds of Surprises

Have you ever had one of those days?  Those lazy hazy days?  Where you didn't want to do anything.  Well I did.  My name is Shantell and I'm 3.  Today I didn't want to do anything. Not ride my bike or play ball.  Not see a movie or even my favorite tv show, "The Musical Adventures of Moo Moo Cow and Bear Bear.

But instead I took my favorite best friend Kimberly, my doll, to the back yard with me and we laid in the grass.  Just Kimberly and I and watched the cloulds go by.

Cloud one was fluffy and white, then all of a sudden it turned to a kite.

Cloud two had a cute little tail, then what do you know, it was a whale.

Clould three was very cute, it kinda looked like Kimberly's new boots.

Cloud four was puffy and funny, then it went hop hop cause it was a bunny.

In cloud number five I saw a trunk.  "Hey look at that Kimberly", it's an elephant!

Now cloud number seven was the best of all.  It wasn't puffy  like a bunny nor bouncy like a ball.  It wasn't a white kite or had tail like a whale.  But what we did see through the cloud that came by, was God's grace and His love which over filled the sky. Then as I looked at Kimberly and she looked at me, God sent out a rainbow as pretty as can be.  We ran in the house to tell Mom what we saw. She ssaid to Kimberly and I "That's nice, now go draw."   "There's no way you could have seen those things that told." I said, "Mom God shows His love to the young and the old."


No Nap!!