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This Site is dedicated to the works and inspired writings of Tavares R. Smith.

Short Stories and Poems by Tavares Smith

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The following piece was submitted to the Anthology of Poetry, Inc.  Poets are submitted from all over the United States, from children in kindergarten to seniors in high school. They come from all different social, eceomic, religious and philosophical backgrounds possible to share their lives and thoughts.  Tavares' poem was selected out of many entres and was published in the "Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans, 1998 Edition.


Nattr003.tif (17822 bytes)The Wind and The WillowNattr003.tif (17822 bytes)

The wind breezes through the willows,

It is as soft as  feather pillows!


The wind goes up and goes down,

It goes all the way around.


You will hear the sound of a dog,

But you can't see in the mist of the fog!


Suddenly you are pushed away!

Then you fall asleep as the wind puts you in a sway!

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My Life

    My life has so much adventure,

    It has so much fun.

    It's like when you're having lunch,

    When you have a hotdog bun!

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A Smile

   I love when people smile,

    It gives you that good feeling inside.

    It's like you eat honey,

    When you eat honey out of a bee hive!

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Leaving for Home

    Leaving for my home,

    I'm so glad to go.

    That day when I looked in the the sky,

    I saw a rainbow!

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I Lost My Pencil

   I lost my pencil on the first day of school.  I don't know if I will ever find my lost pencil.  It's gone for good.  It's gone for today.  I'll find it some how, I'll find it someway.  It walked right out the door on me.  I didn't see it again.  It went on an adventure out into the world where someone could find that number two pencil.   I searched my room and every corner to find that pencil.  It was not anywhere to be found.  I searched everyday for my pencil.  I looked in school everywhere, but I didn't find my pencil anywhere around the school.  I write about my pencil everyday.  I searched the bus under the seats but I didn't find anywhere on the bus.   I looked at my friend's house to see if they found it, if they had found my pencil and kept it for a while but he had not found my pencil.  So I gave up to find my number two pencil.  The next day I felt something under my pillow.  It was my number two pencil!

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I am the President of the United States

    I am the President of the United States and I can't find some important papers.  I looked everywhere in the White House. I looked in the cooking room but I didn't find those important papers, so I looked in the mail room but still didn't find the important papers that I was trying to find.  I looked in my bed room but I didn't find the papers anywhere around.  So I looked in the meeting room to see if I would find it, but I didn't find it.  I went to Congress to see if they had found my important papers but they didn't see my important papers.  I went to the Supreme Court to see if they found it, But they had hadn't seen it anywhere.  So I went home back to the White House.  On the way back there was something in my pocket, it was the important papers!  I was looking all that time, it was in my pocket and I was looking for it the whole day!

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