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Camp Casey Korea

Up First Tank


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Camp Casey Installation Facts

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Central Post Information

Base Size : 3487.3 Acres

Population of the Post :

approx. 8,800 Military

Approx. 6,300 Dept. Of the Army civilians

Primary Mission of the Installation :

To act in concert with our Korean allies to deter aggression, and, should

deterrence fail, to defend the Republic of Korea.

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The Red line represents the DMZ

All but 76 of the Division's soldiers serve one year unaccompanied tours. All soldiers live in on post quarters. 


Nearest Towns/Large Urban Areas:

Tongduchon Population 70,000 40 Miles

Population 11,000,000

General Area Information:

Climate :Summer = 80.0 to 90.0F Average

Winter = 5.0 to 30.0F Average

Precipitation = 40„48" (Rainy season July to August)

Nearby Facilities and Places of Interest :

Hunting = Hunting available at Cheju„Do Island (320 miles away).

Fishing = Fishing by boat at Inchon (65 miles away).

Skiing = Chonmasan about 40 miles away from Camp Casey.

Swimming and Boating = No boating. On post swimming pools.

National Parks and Resorts :

Tobong, Soyo and Surak Mountains are all in the area, as is the Songdu Resort. Also, there are many parks, resorts, historical sites and entertainment areas in Korea. Because of the country's size and excellent transportation system, all these sites are within a day's travel from anywhere in the Division area. On„post tour and travel offices, Morale, Welfare and Recreation offices, and the USO offers regular excursions.

Supported Units :

Assistant Division Commander (Support)

1st Brigade Headquarters

1st Battalion, 72nd Armor

2nd Battalion, 72nd Armor

1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry

2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry

Division Support Command Headquarters

702nd Main Support Battalion

302nd Forward Support Battalion

4th Chemical Company

122nd Signal Battalion

Headquarters and Headquarters Company

A Company

B Company

1st Battalion, 15th Field Artillery

C Company, 5th Battalion 5th Air Defense Artillery

2nd Military Police Company

509th Personnel Services Battalion

177th Finance Battalion

Location of the Post :

Camp Casey, Tongduchon City, Republic of Korea.


Hospitals Available :

Dental Health
Clinic Clinic

Civilian hospital available on the economy for emergency care.


MWR Facilities Available :

Recreation Center Bowling Center NCO/Enlisted Club
1st Brigade Super day rooms Swimming Pool Gymnasiums (2)
Library Outdoor Tennis/Basketball Arts & Crafts Center
Golf Course Officer Club Mini Gyms (5)


AAFES Facilities Available :

Post Exchange Tailor Shop Pizza Delivery
Small Post Exchange Shoppette Filling Station
Burger King/Popeye's Class VI Store Barber/Beauty Salon
Airline Ticket Office    


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