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Stennesha Playhouse

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Stennesha Ashley Smith

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Age: 12 years old

Things I like to do:

I like to ride my bike, but it has a flat so I can't ride right now.   It is fun calling my friends on the phone. My friends are Raymont, Josh, Krystal, Jamie, Brandon, Preston, Jartivs, Nancy, Viory, Gina, Timothy, Marvinand my teachers Mrs. Lennon and Mrs. Stills. I even take time to help Mom and Dad clean.


My Favorite Food: hot dogs

My Favorite TV Show:


My Favorite Song/Singer:

"People Just Like Us" Hosanna! Music Shout To The Lord with Hillsongs From Australia

Things that are happening in my life now:

There are many people getting saved in my church.  I went to see Grandma, Janie, in New York and my Grandpa , Robert, in Baltimore, MD this summer. I am going to Langston Chappel Middle School in Statesboro.  I'm in the 6th grade now.

My mom lets me do my own hair more and more.  I can make it look really good.  In May I went to Atlanta for the Special Olympic Games.   I represented my old school, Julia P. Bryant.  I won two medals. One for running and the other for the soft ball throw.

I also spent a week at Kingdom Kid Camp in Florida with our youth department from church.

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