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My Past, Present and Future

I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ on March 25, 1994.  I didn't go the right road in the past.  I got in a lot of trouble in school and at home. But we moved to Statesboro, GA, where we went to a church called New Covenant.  When we first got down here we went to a church that didn't fit us. When we got to New Covenant it was cool because they all were real about singing and dancing there.  I got to know a lot of people. I like like it because I flowing with God a lot.  God is taking me into the place where I never been before. I will stay strong in the Lord too!

Age: 15 years old

Birthday: Aug 13th, 1983

Things I like to do:

I like to draw, ride my bike, play games, going to my friend's house, talking to my friends on the phone, doing things on the computer with my Mom and Dad, and going on vacations with my family. See my X-treme Page.

My Favorite Food: Sweet and Sour Chicken

My Favorite TV Show: South Park and ESPN



My Favorite Song/Singer:

Brain Stew - Green Day CD

Sarah Masen - Carry Us Through

Things that are happening in my life now:

This summer I went to New York for a vacation.  It was fun.  We went to a lot of fashion stores downtown.  There we visited my Grandma and stayed with her.  I saw a lot of famous things there like:  The Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building too.   I met some new  friends on my block and we do a lot of fun things together like go to the movies and hang out.  I got my driver's permit this summer, so I can practice driving with an adult.  I am also going to Statesboro High School this year.   I am going to the 9th grade.  I think it's going to be fun.  I have been praying a lot and other things to spend time with God.

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