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Chihuahua, Mexico

"What Happened in Mexico"

A lot of people were saved and just receiving Him is easy not hard.  There was a girl whose leg was shorter than the other one and we prayed for her it started to growing back.

We prayed for a man who had to walk with a cane and he started   jumping up and down. He walked away.

We prayed for this lady, one eye she could not see out.  We prayed and she could see a little better out her bad eye. 

There was a man who was retarded, when he talked no one could understand him.  After prayer we all could understand him.

by Michael J. Smith       

Brian Michael Scott & Tammy Julie Josh Nicole Me! Have a coke and Smile
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This is Carlos, the son of the pastor in Mexico and  me with Scott and Tammy our youth leaders.

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Hey, hey!  The gang's all here!  Group photo of us in our makeup for the drama we did.

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