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1998! Is this the year of the favor of the Lord for Statesboro New Covenant? Surely it can be. This year we can see the lost come into new life in Christ. This year we can see our cells grow and multiply as God touches the lives of the hurting and lost in Statesboro, Cobbtown, Reidsville, Sylvania, Brooklet, Claxton and Metter. Wherever we will be His witness, lives will be changed. Evangelism and spiritual warfare will have to go hand in hand for our vision to be realized. In Acts 4 the Church begins to experience persecution from governmental/religious leaders. They had already seen Jesus crucified, so they knew what the leadership the potential to do to them. When Peter and John were arrested for working a miracle, the Church gathered to pray. Verse 24 is the key verse. It says..."They lifted up their voice to God with one accord." Two significant things: first they lifted up their voice to God, not to the devil. In spiritual warfare of our day, all the attention is focused on the Devil. If we have authority over him, we don’t have to spend all night screaming at him. I understand things take time, but once I’ve bound up the devil I want to put my attention on God. It’s not enough to bind the wrong thing; you have to loose the right thing. We must not lose sight of the fact that binding is only half of our operation of authority. (Read Matthew 16:19) The early Church was not devil oriented; they were God oriented. They exercised their authority over the devil and went about doing the works of God. Secondly, they were all in one accord. They were in total agreement about what must be done. Verses 29 and 30 of Acts 4 show that their "warfare" was for the purpose of obtaining boldness to go forth and witness. Since they prayed in faith, believing God heard them, THEY WENT FORTH AND ACTED ON THEIR FAITH. The results were phenomenal. (Please read them in Acts 4:33, 5:12, 15 and 16) Because they put their attention on God, they received grace or God’s ability to go forth and do real spiritual warfare. Likewise, the growth they enjoyed came as a result of their ministry. (Acts 5:14) Prayer is essential prerequisite for ministry; it can never become the substitute. Evangelism and spiritual warfare must go hand in hand. This is the year of the favor of our Lord! Let us in one accord lift up our voice and believe God for abundance of fruit!

Why Do We Have Home Cells

homeanim.gif (27393 bytes) Meets personal needs of cell members homeanim.gif (27393 bytes) Develops members into leaders
homeanim.gif (27393 bytes) Provides frequent opportunities to show genuine love homeanim.gif (27393 bytes) Gives all members opportunities for ministry
homeanim.gif (27393 bytes) Allows Christians to use gifts of the spirit to benefit others homeanim.gif (27393 bytes) Stimulate responsible church involvement
homeanim.gif (27393 bytes) Brings the Holy Spirit into our homes homeanim.gif (27393 bytes) Helps develop believers into ministers
homeanim.gif (27393 bytes) Keeps church leaders informed of the needs of members and community  

Pastor Butt                

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Homecells will encompass the Statesboro, Cobbtown, Reidsville, Sylvania, Brooklet, Claxton and Metter areas/

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