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Collecting Comics (All X-titles are my favorite) The Marvel Universe Online
Comic Card Collecting World Wide Collector's Digest
Drawing comics and action figures
Star Trek Next Generation (the network ended the series too soon!)     holodek3.gif (8122 bytes)  Star Trek (the official website)
Sliders The Official Sliders Home Page
Sci - Fi  The SCI-FI Web Site
The Pretender (All Time Cool Show) The Pretender Site  pretender.jpg (2366 bytes)
Blue Cove, DE - home of The Centre.
Centre, The - with pictures, an episode guide, and the FAQ.
Jarod's Safe House
Jeremy's Ultimate Pretender Page
Mare's Pretender Page
NBC: The Pretender - a genius whose exceptional intelligence allows him to master virtually any profession. He uses his skill to become a one-man, nonviolent vigilante force for justice.
Pretender Adult Fan Fiction Site, The
Pretender Adventure, The
Pretender, The []
Pretender, The [Jessi Osborne]
Pretender, The [Justin McChesney]
Pretender, The [Nancy Hua]
Refuge - Pretender resource site.
Safinaaz Rawji's Pretender Page
Building, Repairing but mostly overloading my home computers
Desktop Publishing (church bulletins, programs, certificates, business cards)
Website construction
Bike Riding
Mostly Gourmet Cooking

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