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I came to the Lord at age 16, 1983.  I was also baptisted in Jesus Name on that day. It had been a long time coming.  I would sit in the church founded by my Grandfather, whom I had never met, hear the the word for years.  I grew up in that church.  It seemed that for weeks before that faithful day I longed to get up out of that seat, but fear of what my family whom all but afew attended our church. On that particular Sunday before church even started, I said to myself, that I was going to get up and go and give my life to Jesus today!  I sat with my hand glued to the pew in front of me in anticapation of the alter call.  We "He" called I leaped from my seat and said to myself don't look back at their faces (meaning my family).   That was it.  My journey with God began, although I learned since he was in my life all along.

This journey has taken me to many churchs and as many lands.



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